Speed POS Vietnam
Platform: Other (Windows IOS Telium)
Geography: ASIA
About the publisher We provide restaurants, retailers, theme parks, hotels, and canteens with well-structured products to improve their workflow management. Through the adoption of new technologies, we offer innovative kitchen display systems (KDS), cloud inventory management (CIM), and QR/bank payment methods to overhaul the management of a food and beverage establishment. A unique tool that stands out is CIM; it allows a restaurant to keep track of inventory, profit on each sale transaction in real-time.
About this app
A unique tool that stands out is CIM - Cloud Inventory Mangement; it allows a restaurant to keep track of inventory, profit on each sale transaction, manage food waste, and even connects with suppliers through the cloud. To further assist a restaurant, our company has developed a smart loyalty application that helps them easily start a campaign, perform analysis, and target consumers on the cloud to obtain actionable insights that can be used to enhance customer experiences. By translating innovative trends and developments into even more useful products and services, the company has created a cashless theme park solution to operate both park and family entertainment centers. SPEED POS validates a wristband with RFID technology that grants customers access to turnstile entry, an F&B retail counter, and an RFID locker, all of which are geared to provide a seamless customer experience. The firm also uses RFID technology in canteen management with a payment express counter that can recognize a bowl or plate in a tray to compute and obtain the bill of materials. The counter also allows guests to pay via their subsidized account using a QR code or RFID card. Interestingly, our company offers hotels with property management systems (PMS) incorporated with AI to provide advanced features for the front desk, check-in kiosk, restaurant/bar POS, booking engines and maintenance functions. With the PMS, hotels can now use facial detection to verify guests or even grant them access to theme parks without any other identification.

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